De-Ox Ingot Casting Machines

Individually designed De-Ox Casting Machines for the manufacture of products in a variety of sizes and weights. Machines comprise of an endless moving conveyer chain. Moulds producing single or multiple shapes can be fixed on to the chain, by alternative methods, to give greater flexibility of production.

60 Mould De-Ox Ingot Casting Machine

A 60 Mould De-Ox Casting Machine for the production of 100gm cones, complete with Automatic Pouring and Forced Air Cooling.

100 Mould De-Ox Ingot Casting Machine

100 Mould Ingot De-Ox Casting Machine with dual pouring and interchangeable moulds producing 5Kg aluminium ingot, 300gm half spheres and 300gm cubes.

Tray Pouring System

Molton metal is poured from the furnace via an Automatic Pouring System, which can be set up to produce both Ingot and De-Ox.

Automatic Knockout System

The solified finished product is discharged via a knockout system at the end of the conveyer.

Samples of shapes and sizes

Sample of shapes and sizes produced from machines. Wieght range from 70gram to 500gram De-Ox.